About the Film

This alternative independent comedy takes a candid, unfiltered look at how three friends navigate their relationships with the opposite sex.

The film was shot in 22 days spread across 3 weeks and 3 weekends during the cold Wisconsin winter of February and early March. Filming started with 2 blizzards on consecutive days, bitter cold temperatures, followed by several days of unseasonably warm temperatures which proceeded to melt just about all the snow. Then came several more days of rain! In February. In Milwaukee.

The story centers around a guy who wanted to be in love, but no matter which relationship he was in – he couldn’t find it. What would happen if you think you knew the reason every relationship you entered, failed? Would you try to avoid that element that caused it to fail? Could you tell anyone? Would it work?

The dialogue is unfiltered and natural. Although the story is set around the guys, it also features strong female characters that were absolutely vital to telling the story. On The Verge is not really a romantic comedy – more of a bold and unconventional comedy about relationships.

The film was Written and Directed by Pete Balistrieri and Co-Produced by Pete Balistrieri and Jimmy Sammarco.
The film features a talented cast of local actors from Milwaukee and Chicago. The music was all mined from the Milwaukee music scene and features 7 bands from Milwaukee and one from Minneapolis.

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